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University in Anchorage                                                                                       University in Fairbanks









1959 base                                                                                                                 1964 base





















"Combination" at the top                                                                                            "Combination" at the bottom


1987 base ("Connecticut" at the bottom)                                                                          1989 base ("Connecticut" at the top)   




































(embossed)                                                                                                                    (debossed)







"Unbridled Spirit"                                                                                                    "In God We Trust"














3 different "Veteran of Foreign Wars" license plates









                 (1978 base)                               (1982 base, with state shape)               (2000 base, with "Explore")


(2010 base, flat and with ".com")  






















(same plates? Well, look at the position of the ram (goat) and the mountains in the background)








standard plate                                                                                                                Veteran plate
















embossed                                                                                                                            flat


























D.O.T. = Department of Transportation                                                                   P.U.C. = Public Utility Commission










    with stars in the middle                                                                                        without stars in the middle










same plates? no, look at the Space Shuttle (flag), the Texas shape (flag), the stars in the upper left corner,

the bush next to the horse, the size of the Cowboy and horse etc. (left: 1999 base; right: 2004 base)










    "Sesquicentennial" at the top                                                                             "Sesquicentennial" at the bottom














without internet address                                                                                            with internet address






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