Patrick's Search List / Want List


If you have any of the plates listed below, please contact me

(if possible, attach a digital picture of the plate you want to offer):


Please keep in mind that I am ONLY looking for plates with ABC-123 pattern (or vice versa)!!!


Alabama Ducks Unlimited (newer design)


Alabama vanity on 1998 base






Alaska new design

"In God we trust"


 Alaska Iditarod Finisher

Alaska University Fairbanks, new edition


Alaska University Anchorage, new edition

Alaska Low Speed Vehicle


 Alaska Trooper

Alaska Ex-Prisoner of War


 Alaska Combat Wounded






Arkansas Ambul. / Hearse


Arkansas Pearl H. Surv.

California Agriculture


California Spay / Neuter






Colorado State Patrol


Colorado State Parks

Colorado Hunting / Fishing


Colorado Denver Firefighter






Connecticut Barnum Festival


Connecticut Red Sox

Connecticut NCAA

National Champions


Connecticut Norwich


Laos War Veteran









Georgia Choose life


Georgia Jekyll Island

Georgia Soccer


Georgia Future Farmers

Georgia Appalachian Trail


Georgia Berry College

Georgia: Atlanta Zoo


Georgia Used Car Dealer

Georgia Wildlife


Georgia Atlanta Hawks


Massachusetts MDC

Mississippi Highway Patrol 1967


Mississippi Highway Patrol 1969

Mississippi Highway Patrol 1970


Mississippi Highway Patrol 1971






Nebraska vanity


Nebraska Huskers

 New York Super Bowl Ch.


New York new Niagara Falls

 Ohio new EMS Vehicle


 Ohio Handicapped new

 Oklahoma Boy Scouts




Rhode Island Wave Vanity


Rhode Island Sailboat Vanity

 South Dakota 1975 HMT




Virginia "Florida State Univ."


Virginia For Hire

 Virginia vanity, any style


Virginia vanity, any style






Washington, DC Transport (new style)


Washington, DC Diplomat (old style)

Washington, DC

54th Presidential Inaugural


Washington, DC

55th Presidential Inaugural








Northwest Territories VET






NOTE: I created all images with the help of exisiting plates and changed them with my photo editing program. So if by chance one of these plates really exists in the shown number combination, please let me know since I don't want to disturb any copyright !!!

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