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Hi, dear tin friends. My name is Patrick. On July 25, 1988 I found a blue and yellow California license plate on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles. Yes, I picked it up directly from the street, it was a real "road kill", but I loved it from the first second. So the story began... Some time later I visited junk yards in Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Virginia. All the plates which I owned at that time had the same pattern of letters and numbers: ABC-123 (or vice versa). So I kept on looking for plates with that format, and now

I collect used U.S. license plates, but really ONLY with ABC-123 format.

For me it's important that the plates have been used on a car, I don't really care too much for mint, unused plates and not at all for samples.

Only a used tag is unique, samples can be printed a million times.


I am a member of ALPCA (Automobile License Plate Collectors' Association). I was lucky to have the chance to attend an ALPCA regional plate meet in Orlando, Florida.


last updates :


- January 12, 2017 (Georgia 2016 Veteran DZR-428, thanks Bob)

- December 01, 2016 (Arkansas 2017 World War II Veteran, thanks Jimmy)

- November 29, 2016 (Alabama 2017 Farming Feeds 227-ACA, thanks Shawn)

- November 22, 2016 (Oklahoma 2004 Education 223-EDU, thanks Bart!)

- November 16, 2016 (West Virginia 1988 Prisoner of War POW-437)

- November 09, 2016 (Wisconsin 1999 Menominee veteran VET-109)

- November 04, 2016 (Alaska 2017 Purple Heart VPA-385, finally!)

- October 12, 2016 (Oklahoma 2001 Fight Breast Cancer FBC-431, thanks Dave)

- May 18, 2016 (Kansas America's Heartland CNM-438, thanks Reid)

- May 02, 2016 (Oklahoma 2003 Environment ENV-553, thanks Kevin)

- April 29, 2016 (North Dakota new passenger plate AEE-299, thanks Scottie)

- April 28, 2016 (Alaska Grizzly JDS-282, the bear is back, I love it!)

- March 09, 2016 (Maine Agriculture, Colorado Purple Mountains, California Arts

and Florida Panther replacements: new plates in better condition)

- December 26,2015 (major update of how my plates are on display in our house)


my plates per state:


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Colorado   Connecticut   DC   Delaware   Florida

Georgia   Hawaii   Idaho   Illinois   Indiana   Iowa

Kansas   Kentucky   Louisiana   Maine   Maryland

Massachusetts   Michigan   Minnesota   Mississippi

Missouri   Montana   Nebraska   Nevada

 New Hampshire   New Jersey   New Mexico

New York   North Carolina   North Dakota   Ohio  Oklahoma   Oregon   Pennsylvania   Rhode Island  South Carolina   South Dakota   Tennessee   Texas  Utah   Vermont   Virginia   Washington

West Virginia   Wisconsin   Wyoming


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My son will be a plate collector, too...

First I got this plate in a junk yard, then I went to Arches National Park in Utah...

KID and DAD are happy plate collectors!







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